‘Washa Data’ Watch Shamro’s New Incredible Upbeat Track Released Under 64HIPHOP

Tanzania recording and performing artist shamro is making a mark in the Kenyan music scene with the release of his new track. Titled Washa Data, the single was released on 26th March 2019 under 64hiphop imprint.

Washa Data defines a story of a young man from the hood who has been obsessed by a young sassy lady, which leaves his peeps surprised on how he got lucky to be with the beautiful girl. It is the kind of sound that truly showcases both Kenyan and Tanzanian artistry in creating a bounce urban music from an East African perspective.

Shamro’s incredible upbeat and positive energy combined has made him one of the most sought after performers in Kenya and his home country Tanzania.

He is currently signed at 64HIPHOP, under producer Evano, who has managed to work with the likes of King Kaka (Ligi Soo, Najipendelea ft Gnako, Joh Makini), Don Low (Zambia), Kins, Naeku among others.

64HIPHOP comprises of an entertainment website (Kenya’s # 1 on-line source for hip hop news, interviews, music, and reviews) and a recording studio.



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