‘Exile Rule’ Wira Showcases Her Singing Prowess In New Catchy Kenyan Reggae Song

After the success of her debut single Vitisho featuring the seasoned musician, Josh Manio of Amos & Josh, the talented Wira is back with yet another hit titled Exile Rule. The song features simple and memorable lyrics on top of a vibing production at the hands of producer So Fresh

Exile Rule is a catchy and interesting Kenyan reggae song that delves into the subject of living with a roommate in campus and having to “exile” them to enjoy some private time with a new lover.

It is based on the past and present where WIRA encourages her long-term boyfriend (played by comedian George Kimani); to reminisce on the first time they met in school, in a bid to rekindle the love they have for each other.

Wira not only showcases her singing prowess in the new track but also demonstrates her ability to come up with relatable content in a clever and creative way.

WIRA is a singer, songwriter, and performer who focuses on narrating stories about the general day-to-day issues of life and relationships. She uses the richness and melodic nature of her voice to express her experiences and that of others.

Having been in a choir most of her life, she incorporates diversification in her music and has perfected her ear, which helps her come up with beautiful melodies and lyrics. She has studied music in one of the best schools in Kenya, notably the Conservatoire of Music, where she was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the ABRSM International Examination Board.

She is also an alumnus of Sauti Academy and has previously performed in concerts such as the Harmonic Stereo, Lost in Music, Fire & Ice, The Millennial’s, Costume Festival, etc

Check out the stunning visuals directed and shot by Johnson Kyalo.



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