“Cry No More” Lexxi Saal Shows Of Her Dark, Raw, Soulful Pop Vocals In New Song

Lexxi Saal has gone from opening for acts like Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony to create a sound all her own. On February 1st, 2019 the LA artist and songwriter released her latest single “Cry No More” the next step in her musical evolution.

Lexxi Pop sensibility can be felt actively in this new hit. It is perfectly structured, all while providing beautiful vocals, catchy melodies, and simple memorable lyrics

The song is about a lady who got tired of lies from his cheating lover to an extent that she can’t shed tears anymore. In “Cry No More” Lexxi tells the story of a perfect relationship gone wrong. She narrates how she found out that his lover was cheating on her.

You said your hands were tied, in work you got caught up in, I heard her laugh on the line and ask a glass of wine… she sings

She goes on saying how she used to spend her nights crying after she got lost picturing a perfect life with his lover. She is now tired of the toxic relationship that she can’t even cry anymore.

These days it seems, I can’t even cry anymore, it’s just a phase, our better days, are fading away in the rearview, I can’t even cry no more.

Lexxi Saal is a singer-songwriter with a lot to celebrate. The Long Island, New York, native artist graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music last year, an outstanding achievement that she achieved in only two years.

Last year saw her  releasing a potentially chart-topping single “Break a Bottle.” She, later on, collaborated with Canadian producer Naliya in “Time Lapse“. Before the year ended she released “I’ve Been Naughty”.

As an Independent artist on the rise, Lexxi Saal has accumulated nearly one million total streams on Spotify and placed on Spotify playlists including New Music Friday Canada, New Music Friday Cratedigger, and Fresh Finds Hiptronix.

“Cry No More” was debuted on MTV’s hit TV show Teen Mom Young and Pregnant showing off Lexxi’s dark, raw, soulful pop vocals. Stream it here.



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