Let It Out: Kenyan Singer-Songwriter Mari Drops Debut Album Exclusively On Boomplay

Singer-songwriter Mari has released his debut album ‘Let It Out’.

Following the release and success of the ‘Let It Out E.P’ in 2015, Mari set off to the studio to work on the complete album to give his fans his first complete body of work.

Mari has worked with several studios, producers and fellow creatives to achieve the collaborative project.

The album embodies Mari’s signature songwriting and vocal prowess blending a mix of contemporary Pop and R&B with an Afro-centric sound to bring a unique flavor to the ear.

The songs take you for a ride on an emotional rollercoaster following the story of a young man’s journey through love, heartbreak and a passion to follow his dreams.

The album tells the story of a young man finding love, going through heartbreak, raising a child and following his dreams; it holds a deeper meaning, telling the story of Africa as the young man from the start of colonial times to present day struggles and achievements” comments Mari explaining the message behind his work.

The 10-track album is now available to stream and download on Boomplay (click on link)

Mari is a singer-songwriter based in Nairobi, Kenya who does conscious music (music with a message that relates to everyday life experiences). His career spanning from 2009 has seen him grow to perform in some of Kenya’s most prestigious venues and get recognition both locally and internationally.

With his debut single ‘Happy to be Yours’ getting featured on Africa’s popular ‘Channel O’ after release in 2012, Mari embarked on the journey to his debut E.P ‘Let It Out’.

It’s 1st single, ‘Matilda An Acoustic’ released in 2014, saw him grow his career further, with one of the highlights being a feature on Zuku Entertainment’s ‘Raw Sessions’ which popularly aired in the Eastern and Southern Africa regions.

He went on to release the E.P. in 2015, whose success climaxed with one of the singles ‘Break of Dawn’ being featured on M-net’s ‘Flowers & Bricks’ movie.

Let It Out

The complete ‘Let It Out’ album was released on Boomplay in January of 2019. Download the Boomplay mobile music app on Google Play Store for free to stream and download the album.

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