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On Sunday, November 11, 2018, Rapper Wangechi unleashed the first track off her latest EP SOUNDCLOUD SUNDAYS. The project saw the rapper dropping a new track every Sunday with the last project dropping last Sunday, December 2, 2018.

The first track off the EP titled Jera was produced by Zenchkiid and Benzonit. The Sampled an old Kikuyu classic song and twist it with a Hip Hop. The song also features a verse from the multi-talented Zenchkiid.

On November, 18 Wangechi dropped the second track as she had promised. Titled Nguga ii, the track is a cover of a classic wedding song originally penned by Valarie Kimani. Wangechi had been holding on to the track for around 4 months before finally deciding to release it. According to Benzonit, this is Wangechi’s favorite track.

She followed up Ngunga ii with the third installment on 25th November. Titled SANA SANA – Actually, this is my favorite song followed by Jera- is the most rap-oriented track from Soundcloud Sundays. The track features Scar Mkadinali who according to Wangechi kept her on toes when it came to penning my verse. “I actually appreciate a good challenge especially in music,” she writes, “extra volume is recommended”

Wangechi ends the EP with a Benzonit produced track “Miss Me With That Pressure.”

She admits that the track really syked her up to finally drop her debut album come next year. I can’t wait to cop it. As for now “Miss Me With That Pressure.”

It wasn’t something I had planned on doing but I bumped into two very talented young producers Benzonit and Zenchkiid and the music came in waves.

Recording sessions happened every Sunday and the nostalgic feeling of me being 19 penning down my mixtape jams hovered around in our small makeshift studio. This is also part of the reason I decided to have the tracks dropping on Soundcloud because that’s where it all started.

Its been long since I was this excited to drop a collection of music, I find myself loving every single jam and actually can’t pick a favorite.

She wrote In an email to Celebvibestar.

Enjoy the music enjoy the vibes welcome to Sound cloud Sundays.




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