H.E.R. Drops New Ep ‘I Used To Know Her: Part 2’

It’s H.E.R. moment. The buzzing R&B songstress answers fans prayers and delivers her recently announced new musical offering. Titled I Used To Know Her: Part 2, the project comes just three months after dropping her six-track EP I Used to Know Her: The Prelude.

The R&B sensation continues to explore new directions on the eight tracks. She showcases her multi-talents on the guitar-driven “Hard Place,” while the closing track “Lord Is Coming” opens with a spoken word before building into a stirring spiritual.

The 21-year-old, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist shows us her latest evolution in real time in this project. The EP features the now 21-year-old pushing her familiar signature sound in brand-new, unexpected directions. Her earlier projects’ after-hours, filtered-down synth pads, which had some comparing her to trap-n-B stars Bryson Tiller and 6LACK, are replaced with the rough, more human edges of acoustic guitar and piano, played by the artist herself.

I Used To Know Her- Part 2 features no guest appearances, leaving H.E.R. to roam free. Her emotional musings make for perfect Autumn music, as songs like “I’m Not OK” and “Can’t Help Me” draw from the energy of the declining weather to paint pictures of cold emotions. I Used To Know Her- Part 2 is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Stream I Used to Know Her: Part 2 below.



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