Chess Nthusi Releases Her First EP Album “From The Ashes”

Chess Nthusi a Versatile Vocalist, Songwriter, recording and performing artist has released her first body of work since she started doing music. Titled “From The Ashes” the EP is made up of 4 track with no features. The EP was released under  Legacy Unique Sounds (LUS), a Nairobi based record label.

Following a serious injury during a live performance, Chess had to take an involuntary break from music for almost a year. In this period she has been revisiting herself as a person, an artist, and a woman. With the ongoing support and advice from her management, Chess turned into a new individual, with a brand new state of mind. One that comes only by being burnt to ashes and then rising gloriously like a Phoenix. She normally says

I survived because the fire inside me burnt brighter than the one around me.

In this period Chess was also made partner and flag bearer at Legacy Unique Sounds (LUS), a Nairobi based record label. This move gave her a solid studio space which was one of the challenges she was facing in her career.

Every single record on this EP speaks volumes about Chess and her experience as a female artist as well as a human being; a creative sharing her journey through darkness and out of it.

From The Ashes

GANJI is a trap-soul track laced with R&B melodies on a trap-like flow. This track expresses Chess’ passion, why she does what she does and what motivates and inspires her.

SO INTO YOU featuring Luttah Legacy is a love song in a dancehall style that is basically about a lady and a guy recognizing and appreciating each other’s rare value as well as acknowledging their feelings towards each other.

NO ENTRY”, released in August this year as a single introducing the EP is a heavy bold dancehall track on which Chess addresses the haters and the nay-sayers who were celebrating her absence and those who had written her career off and dismissed her capabilities.

FOCUS” is the last track on the EP. It’s an upbeat dancehall feel-good track that’s guaranteed to get all the independent ladies on their feet singing along to the catchy melodies. In this track she addresses the infamous _team mafisi_, guys who are always flirting with ladies, pretending to be in love while only looking to have a taste of the cookie and waste precious time.

Songwriting has been done by Chess except on the second track with Luttah Legacy, who wrote his part. The tracks, beats are all composed by Neevoh Worldwide, one of the in-house producers at LUS. The recording, mixing, and mastering of the entire project has been done by Luttah Legacy exclusively at LUS.

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