Q&A From An Exclusive Twitter Chat With South African Femcee Fifi Motloung

We manage to have an exclusive Twitter chat with South African Film and TV Graduate Fifi Motloung on the 9th Of September. Fifi Motloung describes herself as a ‘Very Cool Farm Girl’ doubles up as a Rapper and a Model. Below are some of the questions from fans and her responses.

First and foremost who is Fifi Motloung

A small town girl with big city dreams. Model Rapper Filmmaker All this makes me a storyteller. I live, eat and sleep art.

How do you manage to do all this?

Learning. Once I discover something new about me, I make sure I learn it to my best ability. I try to perfect it, during the process I learn something new always..and I run with it. It’s a cycle

You live to eat and sleep, Art. Is it drawing, photography or which art is it?

I started with photography and I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something deeper, and I found film. I’m a cinematography major and more… I want people to look at me one day and see art.

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When did it all start? Your passion for art mostly music

I’ve always been this person I guess. I’ve always known my lane. But music? That came as a shock. It had to happen though, I’ve always been surround by musicians which I feel played a big role in my musical journey.

Who are some of these musicians who were around you?

Boys from my hometown. All of them were/are rappers. They haven’t made It yet…but their hustle has taught me a lot. If anything, I’ve learnt from their mistakes. The industry is hard to break into, its even harder when you’re in it.

After learning all this, how did you plan to approach the music industry?

My plan is to keep going,learn something each day and just to keep growing. You never know who’s watching, that’s why consistency is key..so is patience.

Fifi Matloug

So when did you discover your passion for music? At what time in your life?

Last year. I was going through the most in my life, chilling with the guys in studio and my producer said “Fifi, come say something to the mic”. We recorded our first song ‘Skatlombora‘ and the rest is history. It made sense for me to pursue music

ever had a stage embarrassment? Which one was it?

No not yet I hope it’s not that deep when that day comes

Your Twitter and Instagram profile reads Cool Farm Girl, tell us what its all about

In 2009 my dad moved my little sister and I to his farm, I hated every moment of it. I just didn’t understand why!! The farm pulled my fam and I through the toughest situations. So for the past two years I’ve been working on the farm and learning

Apart from music what else do you do

I’m a model and filmmaker too. And I work on my family’s farm most weekend

Fifi Motloung

You are also involved in modeling. Who has been your inspiration when it comes to modeling

Naomi Campbell Not because of her famous catwalk but because of her achievements. Black child it’s all possible

Why did you choose rap and not any other music genre?

Because I don’t have the voice to sing and catch notes. For me it’s not about how I’m delivering the message, but about the message I’m delivering.

What’s your connection to music? What pushes you to do more and more of your game?

I allow myself to make mistakes so I learn from them. Support from my family and team pushes me daily, if people believe in me so much why can’t I?! My connection to music is telling my life story. Deeper songs are coming, the journey hasn’t even begun yet

When you started Cinematography and Music, how was the reaction from your parents?

I was lucky enough to have their support from the word go, even when they didn’t understand..they just supported. Haha I’m glad my parents accepted me for me, it gave me space to focus on myself and what’s important

How does it feel to be in the showbiz?

The more I feel like I’m getting to where I’m suppose to be, the harder it gets. But I understand that it’s not about being in the show biz, but always remembering why I started what I started

what drives you?

God My love for what I do My family My team

How can you describe the music scene in SA?

Lol like in most industries, it’s not about what you know but who you know. It’s very very difficult to break into, new and exciting sound is coming from new artists. Competition gets harder everyday, you just gotta keep going and tell your story how you see fit.

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Who is your role model?

My father, he once said to me :”When you have something in you, not even I can take it away from you” He made me realize my power.

Would you date a fan?

If a fan is hot then why not?!




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