Listen As Logic Spit Some Confident Rhymes On Everybody Dies

Just a few weeks before the release of Young Sinatra, Logic drops his newest single “Everybody Dies.”

Over the boom-bap beat, the RattPack leader gets in his zone and spits some confident rhymes.

The song’s main message is about living life to the fullest because “everybody dies” at some point. Logic uses his story to encourage listeners to take risks, become more accepting, do what they love, and disregard societal pressure. It also talks of Logic’s place in the game, his professional and personal accomplishments.

Prior to “Everybody Dies,” Logic dropped “The Return” and “One Day” with Ryan Tedder. On Sept. 28, he will release his new album YSIV, the fourth installment in his Young Sinatraseries.

Quotable Lyrics

I do it for the boombap, the trap and the radio
Fuck a fake fan, step into me and try to play me ho
I make music for every genre, every occasion
Shit is amazin’, I’m blazin’, it’s insane
Going crazy in the gym, going in gains



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