Watch Nyayo By Kenyan Urban Folk Performing Artists Red Acapella

Kenyan Urban folk performing artists, the Red Acapella recently released their latest offering “NYAYO”. The track follows their recent released collaboration with H_art the Band dubbed “TENA NA TENA.”

Nyayo is a Swahili word for “footsteps”. The word was championed by former
President Moi for what he called “Nyayo philosophy,” which means following the leader.

Known for music that strip their listeners bare, the band took the same approach
while songwriting for the song

We wanted to write what was true to us and what we thought people might enjoy and relate with as well.

‘Nilizaliwa Nyayo, maziwa ya Nyayo. Nikafuata Nyayo. Sahii niko nayo’ get it?


The song is meant to encourage all of us to be true and proud of who we are as we
aspire to be the best version of ourselves. It’s unfortunate that most of those in our generation and the next think it’s not cool to be true to who you are. Originality is the new cool.

Our authenticity is what makes us unique but you have to believe in yourself. Always be willing to learn and continue mastering your craft. Keep putting in work, it’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up. If you work hard enough, you can have a successful career doing something
you love, on your own terms. Always be content with what you have as you look forward to better days.

It also reminds the 80s baby_90s kid of the era. A time that’s associated with political injustices but also had its perks. The best being the free milk program in Primary schools that began in 1979
during the reign of former president Daniel Arap Moi, then known as maziwa ya Nyayo. A means that was used to boost morale amongst students.
The song was written by the Red Acapella was produced by Fellaz Entertainment and House of Dillie.
Its visuals were shot and directed by Jijo Drumbeats.



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