Businessman Chesang Speaks On Police Raid At His Home Where Over 700 Laptops Were Impounded

Fresh details have emerged over the storage and ownership of over 700 laptops that were impounded by the police in Westlands, Nairobi.

Police had arrested seven suspects who were thought to be conmen masquerading as the security detail of the Deputy President William Ruto.

According to police reports, the Laptops were found to be having fake government stickers, hence this was adjudged to be signal of fraud going beneath the dealings of consignments.

It has now emerged that the Loresho house in which the consignment was impounded belonged to a businessman-cum politician Allan Chesang . Allan was not among the seven who were arrested that night as reported earlier.

A section of the contract between the two parties

A document showing the agreement between two individuals concerning the storage of the laptops has emerged.

In the document, Teddy Awiti, a 34-year old man identified as the owner of the consignment signed an agreement with businessman Allan Chesang to store laptops at the latter’s house at a fee.

The contract stipulates that 1247 pieces of HP laptops would be stored at House No. 220 Kyuna Rise for monthly fee of Sh60,000 plus VAT.

As per the document, the two agreed to shoulder their tax obligations independently.

In a clause, Awiti would also provide protection to Chesang in case of anything given that the latter only leased a storage space.

Currently speaking, Teddy Awiti is under the police custody at the Central Police station after he was arrested yesterday

As they continue with their investigations, the police vowed to dig deeper into the incident to bring all the suspects to book.



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