Listen To The Latest Episode Of Ado Veli Podcast | A Full EDM Set Featuring Kenya’s Finest Producers

Ado Veli Podcast season 2 is back and with a bang! The 7th episode came out today Friday the 17th August 2018.

The episode is a full Kenyan EDM set. It features Kenyan EDM producers such as Lectronica Circle, Retro Ricky, Kim Crow,
KMRU, DJ Mura, Chelsea Van Carter, Fitemba which is a duo comprised of DJ Fita & Mahemba and
Yoki Hars on a track they featured Asum Garvey and Wamae.

The episode is hard knocking and will make your speakers go hammer. Kick starting the podcast is Lectronica Circle
ft Venessa Vonroe. The song is titled “Kenya”, which suits Ado Veli POdcast well as its main agenda is to promote
Kenyan music to the World. Fitemba has an awesome jam titled “Msemo Wa Kiswahili” which has the first president of Kenya
the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta speech preaching peace and unity. DJ Mura is featured with a bootleg Remix of Sauti Sol
“Live And Die In Afrika”. Kim Crow does an amazing job by adding some Saxophone to his tune Freedom which also is a sample
of Martin Luther King speech of “I Have A Dream”.

The episode also features the works of Kenyan’s only EDM female producer with “Sign”. The episode ends with a thrilling
Remix of IC4 Beats of the “Lamba Lolo” hit by Ethic.

The host of the podcast had this to say about the episode in general.
I always wanted to feature Kenyan EDM on my podcast but it was impossible until i came across Apachi Records and
Lion Afriq Radio who helped in gathering the songs in such a stress free way.
The episode is also a dedication to Lion Afriq Radio celebrating 2 years of roaring and hitting over 1.3 million
minutes of listening time”

You can enjoy streaming this episode on all major platforms such as [iTunes], [Spotify], [Mixcloud], [Tunein],
[u], [Hearthis.AT]



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