Muthoni Drummer Queen Drops “No More” Music Video From Her 12 Track Feminist Manifesto SHE

No More

Muthoni Drummer Queen
Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Editor Rating:VERY HOTTTTT

Muthoni Drummer Queen, a musical and cultural firebrand has released the No more music video. The song is the sixth track of his forth studio album SHE. MDQ exhibits her vocal capabilities as a singer on the song

Written by Muthoni, “No More” tells the story of a weary lover who finds herself in yet another argument with her husband of 14 years. The 44 year old woman once again caught his husband in another lie. While it is clear that he has tried to leave before, something in the urgent,

The whole song is her contribution to the argument and through the questions she asks and the statements she makes; we see that this is not the first time they have been here. The rage unrelenting gravel and the tone of Muthoni’s voice leaves us convinced that this time, she is really going to leave him.

Muthoni’s hope is she finds the courage to be honest with herself and do what brings most peace to her and her children.

Written by: Muthoni Drummer Queen

Produced by: GR! & Hook

Video direction/ Photography/Editing: Ludovic Damiano (

Actors: Olga Lacroix, Anthony Pedroza, Laura Beaubrun, Nico Damiano

Styling: Désirée Damiano Makeup: Noelia De Jesus




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