Exclusive: Magix Enga Talks Working With Khaligraph On Testimony 1990 & How They Came Up With The Track ‘Make Babies’

Magix Enga Talks Working With Khaligraph On Testimony 1990

Testimony 1990 the debut album to Kenya’s Hip-hop Giant Khaligraph Jones is the greatest album in East Africa right now if not the whole of Africa. I had a chat with Magix Enga one of the producers who had an instrumental role in the making of the masterpiece.

Testimony 1990 is dope. I listened to every track on that album and I can honestly say Khali did a great job. It’s hard to even skip a song on that album.
Q Raps Coastside (Kenyan Based HipHop Fanatic)

Magix Enga, a multi-talented music producer and videographer has built several brand names in the highly competitive Kenyan music industry.

Magix Enga Talks Working With Khaligraph On Testimony 1990, how he came up with the beat to Make Babies and how Jones came up with the lyrics.

“Khaligraph is one of my iconic artists who believes in what they are doing and has a good idea of how the music business runs. Working with him is always an experience and more vibe is generated any time we link up in the studio.

Magix Enga Talks Working With Khaligraph On Testimony 1990

Am glad to have produced a couple of his hits songs and as a good producer I dedicate myself in giving him the best that can sell his music more and more.

I have one of the biggest tracks in his album Make Babies. I remember making the instrumental of the song at night in the studio, I had a good feeling and my vibes were high, I knew he would kill the track next day in his studio.

It took him less than two hours to come up with the lyrics and voice the hit song on the microphone. The song has an African feel which was inspired by who he is becoming as an artist. I have a couple of other tracks which are out there and lots of others that are underway.

Khaligraph is one of the best and you should look out to more and more music from him.

Testimony 1960 is a dope album to, and I would like to send a big shout out to the rest of the producers who had a chance to feature in the album.”

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