Introducing Ashleye Scarlette Dubai Based Kenyan Afro-pop Artist Set To Use Her Music As An Inspiration Tool To Her Fans

Introducing Afropop Singer Ashleye Scarlette

Ashleye Scarlette is a Dubai based Kenyan  afropop artist inspired by normal life events in her writings. She has a keen ear for a wide range of music for a fact that she is a lover of music. Her style is rather versatile with a touch of everything mixed in to make beautiful Afropop music.

Her Mother who was a choir trainer had the biggest influence on young Ashleye as she grew  She would follow her mum to see what she was doing and eventually grew into it.

The thirst for music I guess, made her start music professionally, recording in December, 2016 immediately after her KCSE exams.

She released her debut single ‘It’s You’ featuring Clastar. The song was about a girl who was crazily in love with a guy, who she serenades for in a way. She followed up this up with her second track titled Catch my Breath.

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Following the succes of her previous releases, Ashleye Scarlette is back again. Preferring love over everything, she has released Like I Do.
Produced by Superbrain beats Like I Do is about a lady complaining to her man to give her more attention than he gives to his phone talking to another lady.

I want to learn and to grow… I won’t really make empty promises of changing the industry, but my joy would be changing the life of someone if not people, inspiring them and leaving a name to be remember that I was here.

A big fan of Nyashinski in Kenya and Yemi Alade in Africa;

Definitely would want to work with them, not to forget working withSauti Sol with a touch of Fally Ipupa… That would be great.

Check out Like I Do and let us know what your thoughts are on the comment section below.



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