Afigy – Don’t Try | Emerging Songbird Makes A Come Back With This Videz Produced Track

Afigy Don’t Try

Afigy is one of Kenya’s super talented and fast rising songbird. Making a come back in the music scene again, she presents Don’t Try a track under the production of Videz Hybrid.

Don’t try is a song inspired by real life situation faced by Afigy. The song talks about respecting each other in a relationship, no matter the growth they encounter in life.

Well i met a very simple guy, we clicked so well. Supported his career so much. When his career started picking up, a lot of things in our relationship changed.

He completely had no time for us and his excuse was ‘work’ all the time, be it on a holiday or a weekend.

Whenever i wanted to spend time with him, he would just send me money, thinking i just needed money from him. Well apparently, his ‘work’ was other ladies.

The J. Rabala directed video is simple yet it keeps up with the music theme. Afigy is back matured and ready to take over the music scene.

Check out this amazing video and let us know what your thoughts are on the comment section.



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