Popular East African Photographer Is Being Accused Of Shooting Nudes With A Minor Thanks To The Ifikie Wazazi Online Campaign

Mac Choka busted in Ifikie wazazi campaign

It looks like the online campaign launched by Kenyans on Twitter to publicly shame youngsters who post nasty pictures on social media dubbed “Ifikie Wazazi” is landing many in trouble.  One Abdallah Choka Alias Mac Choka is accused of conducting a nude photo session  with  a minor.

Alice a form four student at Star of the Sea Mombasa, is reported to have attended a photoshoot organised by Mac Choka. Her naked and raunchy photos have been on circulation on the internet since the start of Ifikie wazazi campaign.

Mac choka

The girls’ parents have come out strong blaming the popular East African photographer for tarnishing the image of their daughter.

Choka umeniharibia Mtoto wangu,  her nude pictures are all over the internet.  Cried the girl’s mother.

Although Mac denies the allegations, Alice’s parents argue that he is Was The photographer behind those images.

Listen to the phone conversation between Alice’s mother and the photographer.



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