Q&A From An Exclusive Twitter Chat Session With Ghanaian Afrobeat Producer Kuvie Hosted By Celebvibestar On 15th Of April

Afrobeat producer Kuvie Talks about his music career with Celebvibestar

Kuvie (a name Originating from his last name,  Ankuvie) is a Ghanaian AfroBeats producer from the Volta Region of Ghana.
His unique selection of sound and fusion of african music elements with popular music sounds such as trap and hip hop , is what sets him apart from other AfroBeats producers.
We manage to have an exclusive Twitter chat with Kuvie on the 15th Of April and below are some of the questions from fans and his response.
Juma Athman : When did the love for music start?
As a kid, my dad loved music. Most of our bonding took place in our living room where he’d play anything from Bob Marley to Daddy Lumba. It’s was during primary and high school when I was introduce to music produced by timbo and pharrel Williams.  That’s what gingered me into getting into making beats.
Juma Athman : The first song you ever produced and how did it sound? 
@KOJO_Cue’s E No Be Say. Was odd to me at first because I was surprised he chose that beat. But it’s was and is still a jam.
Juma Athman : Why did you go for audio production and engineering?
 I love music. I can’t sing and I love working and contributing to great music.  I also believe that I have something unique to offer with my sound.
Juma Athman : When starting your career what was your main motive?
Introduce a new sounds to the industry.
Claudio Wangu : Describe your music in 3words?
Balanced, experimental and groovy.
Norah 13: what is the most inspiring thing you’ve experienced?
Hmm. I’d say being invited to produce at @Villain_Sounds. They gave me the platform to achieve dream of working with new talent.
IAm Kirui: how long have you been in this game and what are the major challenges?
I’d say 10 years. Major challenge is staying unique in a setting that is used to a particular sound/type of music.
IAm kirui : Have you been to Kenya?  How was the experience? 
Hoping to go soon,  @AyatMaq has been though and his experience makes me want to go even the more.
Iam Kirui : Who is behind your success?  You couldn’t make it alone.  
@Villain_Sounds @LaMemeGang @jamtumusic @KwameSarfoGh @Altranova @Nxwrth @1RealJoeyB @bu_room @LadyJayLives
My family. They support in any and every way.
More names too past and present. The list is long.
What’s your role as a music producer? 
It involves helping an artiste secure a vibe in such a way that listeners can understand and enjoy. Then supervising the mix,  then getting it to all available outlets. At least for me.
Juma Athman : What’s the state of African music? 
Democratic, free enough for anyone who works hard and smart to make it.  I wish there was more structure but if you create one for your self,  you win big.
Juma Athman : Looking forward in the next 5 years where do you see yourself  given strength and age?
Wealthy,  and prolly making a living from supporting new acts, keynote speaker and trusted name across Africa and the world over. Hopefully married too.
Bendizabez : Which artist in East Africa would you prefer to do a collabo with?
Vanessa Mdee, Diamond, Jaguar and Khaligraph
Godrick : What are you working on right now?
My new tape.  Left with two songs to master. Releasing it through Afton music and features LaMeme Gang zep_Ora b4BONAH Kwesi Arthur and other acts.


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