Ordinareh Bingwa Elevates The coast To The Music Map In Terms Of Rap With The Release Of Kila Kitu Inspired By Daudi Kabaka’s 1983 Song

Hekaya Za Papa La Kusini continues With Kila Kitu

Kusini Gang is exploding musically. With “Good Life ” still reigning over the airwaves, Ordinareh Bingwa re-ups with his next single, Kila Kitu.

Kila Kitu is inspired by Silshiwi Na Ndoto a track by the late King of Twist Daudi Kabaka released on January 1, 1983.

The songs starts with the voice of the icon music legend “Ni wewe dada Mimi nakufata tu, ni wewe dada Mimi nakufata tu, kila nikila silali ota ndoto, mawazo Juu yakuniacha wewe dada.”

Ordinareh Bingwa manages to use the classic soundtrack all through, fusing that old school zilizopendwa sound with his new school rap style.

kila kitu

KILA KITU is a story about the culture and ways of the new school youths. Where young men grind hard to please their women but still get unappreciated, instead get the feeling that girls want more.

In his own words

Girls want ballers and sponsors and blessers so the boy child is fed up with being loyal,we also don’t give a hoot now we out to have fun to

The Teknixx produced track is based on a True story experienced by the Pressure hit maker. He Met up with a lady after his interview in Nairobi.

“Me na yeye tulipatana Nairobi, Nikitoka interview Na my homie, alikua Na Wenzake hicho kiuno chake kinanifanya Nasema my oh me!” He comically raps about the incident.

So far Ordinareh Bingwa has put the coast of kenya back on the musical map in terms of rap and is now working on a few more releases and by the end of the year wants to fully solidify his place in the Kenyan music Industry.

Check out this masterpiece and let us know what your thoughts are on the comment box below.



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