Linda Is Back With Wacha Ikae An Original Composition Produced by Wawesh Mjanja

Linda – Wacha Ikae

Fresh from releasing one of their best renditions, Linda is back with another track, this time an original composition. Titled Wacha Ikae, the track was produced by the super talented Wawesh Mjanja.

Wacha Ikae translates in English to “let it go” and sometimes when you’ve done all you can to make something work and it doesn’t it simply means it’s time to walk.

In this song the ladies address relationships they have worked so hard to try make work but their partners have zero appreciation and so they bid them farewell unapologetically.

The writing skills of the talented singer and songwriter Sanaipei Tande is evident in the lyrics of the song. A good rhyming scheme that adds test to the tune Ganun by Tanzanian DBass.

Maumivu ya mwili, raha zako ajili,

Ila bado hukiri, tabia zako za siri.

Na weka weka nakili, si ya kwangu asili

Ila bado hukiri, tabia zako za siri

Shot by Hassan Mandevu the video portray the sad moods of pain and frustration giving the true picture of the songs theme.

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