Naija Connect Party Come Experience Nigerian And Kenyan Cultures At The Azura Restaurant Mombasa On The 31st Of March

NAIJA  CONNECT PARTY 31 March Azura Mombasa.

Ask a “white man” which African countries do you know? If he doesn’t mention Nigeria and Kenya, he probably doesn’t know Wizkid or Obama.
Surely if you don’t know the two princess of Mother Africa in this generation, then you should be somewhere with Adolf Hitler. So the Naija Connect Party brings out the pride to show the world how the African Infusion is best to no other because Africa is the Cradle of Humankind and no one can stop us from partying like Home Erectus.

Naija being the home of Afro-Beat and Kenya the home of Afro-Soul brings out a pure infusion of music, Which gave birth to variety of dance moves from Shoki to Odi.

Under one rooftop of Azura Lounge (Mombasa). We showcase the Fashion of the two African princess and from Lagos to Kenya, The African pot serves us with the best food from Naija and spices from Kenya. I know it sounds like “juju”, 31st is your day to confirm, You can come with your Pastors and Sheiks. Tell A friend to tell a friend.

Naija Connect Party

Nigerians, probably more than any other African people, like to wear clothes in their traditional fashion and style. If they do not wear the complete traditional look, there will be at least one cultural element in their outfit. Kenya on the other hand is a fashion powerhouse not only on the African continent, but globally, the two world meets on 31st March at the Azura Lounge.

Naija Connect Party
A yam pottage/porridge dish

Nigerian cuisine consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria. Like Kenya cuisine, it uses spices and herbs with palm or groundnut oil to create deeply flavored sauces and soups. Feasting at the Naija Connect Party will be colourful and lavish.
Rice lovers will enjoy a variety from Jollof rice, Pate, Tuwo Masara and Tuwo Shikanfa.

Naija Connect Party
Varieties of suya


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