An Exclusive look into Bahati Bookings Nairobi’s new wave of conscious Hip-Hop

Bahati bookings, founded by Baraka is an independent Talent management & Marketing company based in Tel Aviv,Israel, however this new name is renovating the Kenyan rap scene with their unique style and music.

Since the release of their Debut Album ; “East African Winter – a curative piece by Baraka & Ekumbo”, they have been showcasing their musical potential, from melodic keys, to lyrical storytelling & funky flows, we can tell they are here to represent something BIG.

The Bahati Bookings crew is bringing music and arts back to the basics, while representing a new vibe of Zen and cultural empowerment that is slowly building in Nairobi.

Artists Under The Bahati Bookings Management.

Ekumbo, born Richard Ekumbo is often regarded as Bahati Bookings’ secret weapon,
at 20 he is currently studying music production at ADMI, but you can usually find him working on a new beat, or directing a musical project.

Ekumbo is an up & coming Producer / Recording artist currently working as Bahati Bookings’ Creative director. He started making music in 2013, pushing the boundaries set by categories / genres while still maintaining a special sound that is crafted to fit his personal taste, gradually Ekumbo has transcended his art from mere music into ‘alternative’ ways of expression through various art forms.

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Listen to Richards Interlude w/ Baraka by EKUMBO

Baraka, born Richard Baraka Chessoni is a Prosperous up and coming Performing artist, stylist and all around creative.
Born in Nairobi and raised in a series of cities from Maryland to Tel Aviv, he is multi-lingual in both his music and in language and at the young age of 20, he draws inspiration from his hobbies, love life & the interactions around him.

Baraka is currently the C.E.O & Creative stylist of Bahati Bookings, he has been making music that can only be described as “Conscious hip-hop” although he categorizes himself as an artist with no limitations. Being a creative soul, he is known to pour his emotions and philosophies into his music, while finding a way to slide in some relatable storytelling giving fans a unique style of rapping that leaves you Ecstatic .

Aside from focusing on his rap career , Baraka is heavily involved in Arts & fashion, promising to drop a visual story behind his collaborative piece with Ekumbo
East African Winter



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