Indie Artist Lexxi Saal Releases A New Potentially Chart-topping Pop Single Break a Bottle.

Break A Bottle By Lexxi Saal.

Pop Music Singer-Songwriter Lexxi Saal releases Break a Bottle her first single on Spotify since graduating from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA).

Lexxi Saal is a singer-songwriter with a lot to celebrate. The Long Island, New york, native artist graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music this year, an outstanding achievement that she achieved in only two years, and has just released a potentially chart-topping single Break a Bottle.

Speaking about the new song

I wanted to create something that would be a universal saying for those who are celebrating a night out, having a good time. Let’s break a bottle!

Though she may be celebrating, Saal sure isn’t taking any time off. With plans to move to Los Angeles, CA later this year, dates lining up for a European tour, a 4D-animated video for “Break a Bottle,” and always seeking to collaborate with other artists, Saal is only getting warmed up.

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It’s also clear that Lexxi Saal isn’t celebrating alone, as social media comments pour in from her loyal fans around the world, thousands of whom have been following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for years. To understand how that came to be, it’s important to know that Lexxi Saal has been touring professionally since the age of 15, opening for pop superstars including Demi Lovato and Austin Mahone.

I got the opportunity to perform on many stages, with talented artists, many who I looked up to. I learned from the best, and was shaped as an artist by these experiences

she explains in the biopic video “This is Lexxi Saal,” released on
YouTube in February 2018.

In the video, Lexxi Saal also addresses her decision to temporarily halt a growing singing career in order to attend college, a two year detour that even her parents found surprising.

“It was important for me to becomea well rounded musician, one who writes their own songs, who can walk into any studio and portray exactly what they envision in their original work. I had come to a fork in the road… should I go left or continue on the road I was on? I went left,” she says.

“Break a Bottle” is evidence that her instincts were razor sharp. Stream it on spotify .



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