Muthoni Drummer Queen – Criminal | Inspired By The Story Of The Widow Of One of Kenya’s Most Wanted Criminal Simon Matheri

Criminal Is Based On A True Story.

Muthoni has always been viscerally aware of society and there is always a tinge of activism colouring her work. Off her latest album SHE, Criminal is inspired by the real life story of the widow of one of Kenya’s most wanted criminal Simon Matheri.

As his dramatic capture by the police played out on TV, it became apparent that his young widow was only finding out in that moment that her husband was Kenya’s most wanted criminal.

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As a young teen, Muthoni watched this story unfold on the news on TV and in her words

I never forgot how shocked and lost Materi’s widow looked.

What a cruel way to find out your whole life has been a lie. To have your husband literally shot dead by the police at the doorstep of your home must have been too much to bear. And what happens to her after that? How does she carry on? How does she live in that community anymore? I carry her in my thoughts and send her healing vibe as often as I can.

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