Kenyan Musical & Cultural Firebrand Muthoni Drummer Queen Has Released The Cover Art To Her Upcoming Album SHE

Muthoni Drummer Queen Present SHE Album Cover Art

As we anticipatedly await for the official release of Muthoni Drummer Queen upcoming album SHE the Kenyan musical and cultural firebrand has released the Album cover art.

The stunning artwork is a collaborative project between Muthoni, renown visual artist Michael Soi, together with the acclaimed creative team of Lucy Robi (Stylist) Peter Mutuma & Roy N’cherie (photography) and Musa Omusi (Graphics designer)

SHE is the product of an ongoing collaboration between Nairobi based Muthoni Drummer Queen and Swiss beat makers Greg “GR!”Escoffey and Jean “Hook” Geissbuhler.

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SHE drops this Friday 2nd March. It is already available for pre-order on iTunes and the Boomlay Music app (available for free for all android phones)

The album art matches the level of excellence the Swiss production has set for the project. I want to show the world that Kenyan creatives are truly world class and able to create and present conceptual work that is at par with leading creatives from all over the world – MDQ

In her typical out of the box ways, Muthoni will release the album on 2nd March through a day-long concert on Homeboyz Radio. It will include 15-20 minute live performances, broadcast live on the radio and streamed on HBR and MDQ’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Muthoni will also be making a special appearance on NTV’s #TheTrend where she will be presenting a specially pre-produced showcase.



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