Malaika Let You Go – Mellow Voiced Malawian Songbird Teams Up With Flint Bedrock In This RnB/ Pop Smash

Malaika releases a new single titled  “LET YOU GO”

Malawian songbird Malaika is starting the year on a note. Releasing her first track of the year LET YOU GO, the mellow voiced singer teams up with Zimbabwean born U.K singer/songwriter, rapper & music producer Flint Bedrock.

“LET YOU GO” is an RnB/Pop song with afrobeats and dancehall flavours. The song encourages women not to settle for less than what they deserve in relationships particularly within certain cultures where women have no voice and are practically trapped in marriage due to religious and cultural beliefs. The single challenges women to find their voice and be free of abusive relationships.

Malaikah released her debut single “Falling For You” in July 2017, the single was widely covered around the world and landed her the reputation of being a bit after a “bad girl.”

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Malaika - Falling for you

The song sought to encourage women to be more outspoken within relationships about their sexual desires. Malaikah argued the lack of communication led to unhappy relationships, infidelity and divorce.

Malaika has a good taste for Zimbabwean as “Let You Go”  features Flint Bedrock was produced by UK’s top producer Rymez both whom are from the land of Mugabe.

Flint Bedrock is a Zimbabwean born U.K singer/songwriter, rapper & music producer. He made waves in 2011 with the release of his debut single “Dreamer.” His Latest single “Can’t Bring Me Down” was released in January 2017.

Check out Let You Go video by Malaika and Flint Bedrock and let us know what your thought on this is.