Downlow By Auti | New Music Sensation Is Turning Heads With His Debut Single Featuring The Unchained & K. Martin 

Auti’s Debut single Downlow is available for stream.

Definitely he is one of the newest music acts in Kenya’s music scene. A promising talented young artist Auti with his first release off 31B Music studios Downlow.

Downlow is a soulful explicit Hip hop track. The song features 31B’s  rappers The Unchained and K.Martin.The song directly confronts unfaithfulnes in relationships something that has become a common trend. This Makes the song quite easy to relate with. Auti sings about it in lyrics so emotional you get to wonder if he has experienced this personally.


The song is a definitely set to become your new favorite song. A sure hit the song has a smooth instrumental accompanied by hot vocals and a melody you can’t forget any soon.

It marks the start of a series of upcoming releases all that are definitely set to change the game next year . Might as well draw him a bigger fan base than he has imagined.

The track is accompanied by a Vibing production under the hands of the super talented producer Curious aka Tweaked by C. The Video to the song is set to drop in January.

Downlow is also available on iTunes, spotify, Google play, Amazon and Groove.
The audio on YouTube is going viral