Maleek Berry Drops The First Track Off His Upcoming EP First Daze Of Winter

First Daze Of Winter Is A Follow Up Of The Last Daze Of Summer.

Following the well-deserved success of his brilliant EP, Last Daze of Summer, the “Kontrol” singer just announced his follow-up EP, First Daze of Winter.

Maleek Berry has revealed that he plans to drop a new EP titled “ First Daze of Winter ” very soon even as tour tickets are already out. The first single off that EP “Pon My Mind” is already out and it is straight vibes!

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“ First Daze of Winter ” is a follow up on his debut “Last Daze of Summer” EP which turned out a massive success.

“Pon My Mind” is a love song, but unlike Maleek tracks, its inherent mushiness isn’t hidden under an up-tempo beat. The song’s chill beat lets its lyrics and Maleek’s vocals really shine through.
Speaking with BBC 1Xtra about the song, Maleek said:

It’s about being in a situation, admitting your wrongs and just blatantly saying ‘you’ve been on my mind, I want you back’.

It’s something everyone can relate to, something I’ve been through. So, it was easy to write because it was real.”

About the upcoming EP, he continued:

The whole concept behind the EP is that it’s a lot darker and it’s a lot warmer. I’m a lot more emotional on the songs and a lot more vulnerable.”

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