Hauna By Aslay Isihaka | Tanzanian Wonder Boy Churns Out Yet Another Music Video.

Aslay Releases New Music  Video Hauna.

Tanzanian music scene is one of the best music industry in East Africa is not the best.  It is also the most competitive and only the best can survive.  But within this maddening crowd a prince has been born and he is taking away the spotlight from the south called kings and queens of the Music Industry with his compositions that will last long to tell tales.  Aslay presents his latest release Hauna.

Hauna is a Swahili word for You do not have. In the song Aslay talks about entrusting a friend with his woman,  and later the friend betrays him by falling in love with Aslay’s lover.

The latest release, “ Hauna ” is a commercial bongo flava smash in every sense of the word.  Everything about this track sounds great to me.

“ Hauna ” is perfectly structured, all while providing beautiful vocals, catchy melodies, and simple memorable lyrics on top of a vibing production at the hands of Zest. Rounding out the track is a themed video by EIN-XER.

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Aslay Isihaka Nasoro popularly known by his stage name Dogo Aslay (or simply Aslay), is a Bongo Flava recording artist  from Tanzania. Dogo Aslay a former member of the Yamoto band has taken the Bongo Flava fraternity by storm with his releases in the solo project just months after their split.

He has been churning hits after hits with songs such as Mhudumu, Likizo, usiitie doa featuring Khadija Kopa, Angekuona, Pusha and recently Natamba.

Aslay is considered as a Young influential  artist among his fans, and is said to be the most loved and decorated Tanzanian Young artist at the moment.

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