PRO Taps Some Of Kenya’s Biggest Hitmakers For A Banging Kameshika Remix.

PRO Taps Naiboi, Kristoff, The Kansoul and Jegede for Kameshika Remix.

This is undoubtedly the Kenyan banger and remix of the year. Dubbed Kameshika Remix it was originally done by rapper and hitmaker PRO, Kristoff’s older brother. PRO, brought onboard Naiboi, Kristoff, The Kansoul, and Jegede.

Pro starts the song at a killer point. His introduction sets the songs at a higher rate, his lyrics are nicely written rhyming well with the beat.

Naiboi is turning everything he touches into gold. He comes in the second verse and he shuts everything down with his good choice of words.

On the third verse comes in Kristoff, this time he brought himself back. I can confidently say he found his way back to his music touch and style.

The Kansoul comes in with the fourth verse represented by Mejja Okwonkwo. Mejja just took me back to the times he was in Calif, His comical rap of meeting a girl in the club and ending up taking her home is always with him in every song.

Jegede Despite being a super producer this guy can really sing. His Luhya comical flow on this song gave it some taste.

Kameshika remix is that one song that I will be using to welcome that Friday evening-weekedn mode

The remix is produced by the hardworking Naiboi at Pacho studios. The video is directed by Odibz for Team Mistari.

Watch the video below, and let us know what your thoughts are.