Patoranking & Diamond Copied Qritiqal’s Won’t Tell In Their Hit Collabo Love You Die

Even after giving us whack performance Nigerian’s artists (Patoranking) still got guts of copying from us.

While allegations of musicians stealing or copying other artists’ songs or sounds are not new, but this one surely deserves your attention. Nigeria’s reggaedancehall singer Patoranking and Tanzanian Diamond might have copied a song by a Kenyan artiste, here is why.

I happen to stumble upon similarities between Qritiqal’s  song Won’t Tell and Patoranking and Diamond’s song, Love You Die.

Love you die and Won’t Tell both have an afro fused reggae ragga rhythm to it. The melodies in both songs sound somewhat similar especially in the beginning of the song even though the lyrics and vocals are markedly different.

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Patoranking & Diamond Copied Qritiqal's
Qritiqal is the latest Kenyan signee by the Nigerian label Chocolate City.

What’s interesting to note is that Won’t Tell was released earlier compared to Patrick and Diamond’s Love you die,  18th April 2017 and  1st September 2017 respectively.

This begs the question “Did Patoranking and Diamond copy Qritiqal’s Won’t Tell?”

Love you die was produced by  Benjamin Garzy Mensah professionally known as Mix Master Garzy or Mix Masta GarzyGhanaian Record Producer sound engineer, disc jockey, and singer. On the other hand, Won’t tell was produced by Kenya’s Motif On The Beat.

Hre is a video of the two songs merged together, hear it for yourself. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment box below.