Ohms Law Montana – Mada Tonje | Ohms Proves His Lyrical Prowess As He Goes Hard On A Teknixx Beat

Ohms Law Montana has made a name both as an artist and as a spoken word.

When talking about Hip-hop in Mombasa, it will be a sin if you fail to mention the name Ohms Law Montana. He is a prolific rapper with great skills in songwriting, his lyrics are awesome.

Coming back in the game after quite sometimes, ohms presents his latest offering to his fans. Titled “Mada Tonje” Ohms proves his lyrical prowess going hard on the beats by  TeknixxHe goes ahead giving tribute to the legendary female boxer Conjestina Achieng.

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Catch Ohms Law tomorrow for an exclusive Q&A session on our twitter page.


In the song “Mada Tonje”, Ohms talks about Tonje’s reckless lifestyle for the world to see. He encourages him to change so that he can live peacefully in the community and also please God.

Music is not always about the theme of love as many artists perceive. say Ohms Law Montana

Currently he is the Hip hop artist of the year 2015-2016 in the Nzumari Awards, Coast Awards and Pwani Celebrity Awards.