Muthoni Drummer Queen Pays Tribute To Millions Of Invisible Kenyan’s Hustling To Make Ends Meet

Fresh off the release of  “KENYAN MESSAGE” her first single off her up coming concept LP titled SHE. Kenyan rapper, singer, writer and activist Muthoni Drummer Queen has released the second single titled  Million Voice”.

The GR! & Hook production is a fire jam with authentic reggae sound from the keys to sonic arrangements and MDQ did ride on it perfectly well. Million Voice portrays different hustles Kenyan people go through just to make ends meet.

 “it pays tribute to the millions of invisible, ordinary, everyday people doing whatever it takes to put bread on the table and create an impact-full life, in spite of, or maybe because of, the circumstances that they found themselves in”. 

Million Voice is also inspired by the immigrant communities here in Kenya, where, as in many parts of the world, they often have to work twice as hard and with much less structural support to put together a decent life for themselves and their families, including the ones who are left behind in their homes of origin. Muthoni Drummer Queen

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Muthoni Drummer Queen - Million Voice

The story board contains various dreams in progress from a girl studying late in the night aiming to earn a scholarship, she also doubles as a matatu conductor. We also meet a mechanic and a fruit vendor and it’s interesting that their paths are so different but do cross at some point.

The LP is set to cover music of different genre from Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggae and Funk. The LP will address subject matters from 11 women. Muthoni Drummer Queen says she covers stories on love, failing marriage, difficult relationships with mothers, entrepreneurship, betrayal and much more.

The song is available on streaming sites like Spotify and iTunes, Deezer Support the artist so she can bless us with more fire tunes.