Chance The Rapper Is Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

Chance the Rapper is being sued for alleged copyright infringement over his song “Windows” off his debut mixtape 10 Day that came out in 2012.

The claims are being made by a New York-based jazz musician Abdul Wali Muhammad. He urgues that Chance’s “Windows” samples Lonnie Liston Smith song “Bridge Through Time.” Muhammad, formerly known as Eric P. Saunders, filed a separate claim for the original song a year before its release in 1979.

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Muhammad claims that he never granted Chance The Rapper the permission to use the sample, and is seeking damages for the infringement. In his eight-page complaint, he also requests a court order from a federal judge to stop Chance from “copying, distributing, performing, selling or offering to sell Chance’s song ‘Windows.’”

Listening to the two songs, it’s pretty clear that “Windows” uses “Bridge”—or, more specifically, a remix of the track by Apollo Brown, the credited producer on Chance’s song—as its spine. (Samples of the song have also popped up on songs like Big K.R.I.T.’s “Down And Out” and “We Roll Deep”by The Conscious Daughters.)

Listen to “Windows” by Chance The Rapper below.