King Kaka – Run Ting ft. Fena Gitu | King & Queen Teams Up In A Catchy Rhythm Tempo Track  

I think the Kenyan hip-hop scene is a way to hot, I think after South Africa our rappers are among the most hardworking Mcees in the continent. With that said Kenya’s rap king and the kaka empire CEO Rabbit The King Kaka has finally offered his latest offering to his fans.

Rapper King Kaka has teamed up with Doing Her Thing Tho hitmaker Fena Gitu for a massive hit, Run TingThroughout the jam the duo is making one thing clear in their lyrics “we run things, tingz don run we…” musically and in chopping that mullah.

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King Kaka has maintained his focus towards music and has gone ahead to release two more albums and over ‘100’ songs in form of mixtapes and collaborations. This focus has catapulted him to be one of the most sought-after artistes within the wider East African region.

When you come to my city ask who-ah Run Ting Who-ah Who-ah, Who-ah Who-ah! Baby Come you wanna meet the King and the Queen Who-ah Who-ah, Who-ah Who-ah! Fenamenal and Kaka Empire We came here to school and to mentor ya When we enter yeah, we a run ting Tings don’t run we – goes the opening lines of the new track titled Run Ting.

King Kaka’s style of music has been greatly influenced by the sounds of poetry over a rhythmic beat, which emerged from the inner cities and American projects. However, his impeccable craftsmanship has seen him blending this American style of music to the African folk sound, laced with lyrics that reflect the everyday struggles and triumphs of an urban youth.

An accomplished storyteller and spoken word poet, King Kaka uses these two ingredients in his music to present social commentary, while sprinkling wordplays, similes, and metaphors in between his hard hitting punch lines, to create an unforgettable entertainment value.

The Riccobeatz production is a catchy rhythm and the tempo sound does the track justice. Recorded and  Mastered by Chacha of UrbanScorch. The song is accompanied by stunning  by Dj Briizy of Lucid Visuals

Watch it below and let us know what your thoughts on this.