Odinareh Bingwa – Kama Zamani | Papa La Kusini Release A Banging Socio-politically Charged Hip-hop Anthem

The coastal music scene for a while seems to have been neglected but these artists are proving just how much it is they can contribute to the Kenyan music scene and entertainment industry. From the saltry Nyota Ndogo, rapper cannibal, the flashy and sassy Akothee, the man Susumila, these are just but a few of the names putting the coast on the map. There is this one artist who is unlisted here Odinareh Bingwa.

You’ve probably heard of him before but have you truly heard of him? Odinareh Bingwa is of a new generation of hip hop artists from the Coast, his sound vibrant, his skill unquestionable and his drive is one we could learn from. His music is a blend of urban culture but still paying homage to his traditional roots of modern day Swahili.

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Presenting his latest single dubbed Kama zamani swahili for like in the olden days, Odinareh Bingwa has once again proven to be the powerhouse when it comes to the swahili hiphop. Comfortably dropping bars after bars and flowing swiftly while he perfectly stick to the topic and message of the music. 

The Song is a banging Socio-politically charged hip-hop anthem for Kenya. The timely tune tackles the alarming social issues Kenya is faced with, including the widening wealth gap and ineptitude in the government. According to him, there has been little progress in the growth of the country since independence. Things are almost the same like in the olden days.

The song is well structured with an old school Kenyan sound, the vintage clothing by the characters perfectly blends to the black and white video. On another point this could be a diss track according to lines like.

Naona rafiki zangu wananiandama vibaya. Masnitch mnajijua…. fresh toka uswazi motherfucker bado nawachapa pamba hadi mziki natakata…. naweka ma kings kando nikama nacheza chess

Who do you think we could be dissing. Let as know what your thoughts are after listening to Odinareh Bingwa – Kama Zamani. Audio produced by teknixx and visuals mastered by one montage