Laura Stacy – Tega Sikio |Listen As Machako’s Based Kenyan Song Bird Echo A Voice Of A Hurting Woman.

Laura Stacy has been making quite a name for herself with some solid releases and her latest release is no different. Bringing more utamu to our speakers as she unveils her latest single titled Tega Sikio. The track is a follow up from her previous work Salama.

Her latest release, “Tega Sikio” is a hit in every sense of the word.  Everything about this track screams great to me. Tega Sikio” is perfectly structured, all while providing beautiful vocals, catchy melodies, and simple memorable lyrics on top of a vibing production at the hands of Ondiko at Resoundz Media Studio

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Tega Sikio means Listen attentively, and this song begs that the man pays attention at least for once, and consider a woman’s pain.

Tega Sikio goes to all our men out there who think that women just like complaining, even over nothing. This song is the voice of a hurting woman, whose concerns are not paid attention to in a relationship.- Laura stacy

Take a listen to this amazing track and let us know what you think about it.