Yemi Alade New Album Black Magic Is Set To Drop In October 

This comes barely 6 months after she released her most recent project, an EP titled “Mama Afrique” that contained many remixes and previously unheard tracks following on from her Award-winning 2016 album, “Mama Africa”.

However, she’s ready to continue spreading her delicious sounds throughout the African continent like a bowl of Jollof that seems to get better with every mouthful.

It’s also been confirmed that Yemi’s recent single, “Knack Am” is officially the first track off of the upcoming album. 

It is a love song produced by DJ Coublon, which fuses elements of Reggaeton and Highlife percussion, to provide listeners with another record extolling the virtues of her lover and the effects of his romantic magic on her life.

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We have heard her utilise this theme in millions of ways. She has always been very prolific with love at the centre of her creative process. Songs such as ‘Johnny’, ‘Tangerine’, ‘Tum bum’, ‘Kissing’ and much more have explored different phases and situations of the human emotion and its intricacies. And we keep getting more of it.

Do you think it’s going to be as good as last year’s release?