Boy Junior-It’s on Me | Talented California Native Raps About Paying Homage To A Special Lady In His Life.

Being a one man army in the music scene has always been seen to be a hard task. Some artist are proving this myth wrong one of them being Ricardo Naranjo better known to his fans as Boy Junior. The 24 years old is from Whittier California  an Artist, Producer, and Engineer.

Ricardo CEO and founder BJM music company recently released his latest single titled ‘It’s on Me ‘. Its off his new album titled “Angels vs Demons” is inspired by a female who’s very important in junior’s life. The song is a homage to her work and dedication.

 She has been through some of the hardest and roughest times being raised in a ‘ghetto’ never having the things that her friends had during that time. As she got older she worked on her dreams and not being just another statistic in the city. Today she is a successful women and a inspiration to other young ladies who wish to get out of the city and become something in life. – Boy Junior

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The rapper is a proud Mexican raised by immigrant parents who mirated the States to a better life. Ricardo has written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered every single songs under his name,(one-man team). His passion for music is in the genre of Hip-Hop and Reggaeton (a Spanish influenced genre originating from Puerto Rico).

Coming from a family of musicians, the love for music is in his blood. His paternal uncles have been professional/famous musicians for more than 30 years, playing in Mexican Bands since the 80’s.

What influenced me into the genre of Hip-Hop are artists like Eminem, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, The Dream, Logic, and many more for the lyricism and production of their music to raise the bar. -Jnior Boy

Being passionate in all three aspects of it, writing, producing, and engineering has made him to be a more well-rounded artist that understands all areas of this craft. Recently he has started producing Reggaeton music to fuse his Spanish speaking people into his fan circle. Mixing the Spanish and English language into his songs to create something new and possibly a new trend is his main goal. Artists like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Justin Quiles, Nicki Jam, and many more have influenced Ricardo in jumping into this Reggaeton genre.

My ultimate goal is to become a well-respected artist in the music and entertainment business. Many artists make music simply for the love of it, but you can’t live off of nothing as I’ve learned that over the years. With music comes the business aspect of it, which I hope to have established BJM as a respectable brand in the years to come and be able to live off of what I love.

Watch theOfficial Video to It’s on Me  by Boy Junior Directed by Hector Toro and BJM Studios and let us know what your thoughts are.