Imani – Nana Music Ft. Zack Tempo & Alphie Art| Listen & Have Faith In The Lord

Kenyan Gospel singer Nana Music is back again with yet another musical work for the lord. Titled ‘Imani’ which is the Swahili for faith. He has featured Zack Tempo & Alphie Art   Imani is Nana’s 4 musical work, previous works being ‘Mawimbi’, ‘A million blessings’ , ‘Bakubize’ in the year 2015, and 2016. The song urge Christians to have faith in the lord.

Julius Nana can recall how his musical journey started way back as he was 8 years of age, when he made his first guitar from tree trunk and some sinker strings.

I just needed something that could sound as guitar. My two small brothers and my big brother were the first to join my band at that time because I used to strum my guitar like structure while singing and they liked it.

His father  who worked in Nairobi came home one weekend and noticed his ‘Nana made guitar. His father encouraged him to play a song for him. HE liked it and promised to get a real guitar for the young Nana.  The following weekend he honored his promise  unexpectedly .

With the golden instrument in my hands a local guitarist offered to help me develop my guitar skills and in return let him play my guitar. Over years, I got good with the guitar and would play in church, birthday parties, and wedding parties among other occasions. My love for music grew day by day throughout my campus life. I could lead praise and worship sessions in our campus Christian union and at some point became the music director and choir coordinator.

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He started doing music as a ministry after competing campus and released his first single in the year 2015 titled Mawimbi which did very well and gave him a chance to the media limelight. I later released A million blessings (2016), Bakubize (2016) and now Imani (2017.  Currently he is  also working on a collabo with Laura Karwirwa which will be out by October 2017.


Besides singing Nana has built a Media empire including Hewane Media (Video Production Company), Hewane Records (Audio Production Company) and Hewane Record Label.

Imani mastered by Nana Watchez at Hewane Records was composed by Nana music himself and visuals by Hewane Media. Enjoy the video below that will lift your faith towards the lord.