H_ART THE BAND Think 2 A Letter To The Common Mwananchi

H_art The Band are undeniably one of the best boy bands in the country, the best after Sauti sol. They are unique guys,  they have the  voice, the talents, the lyrics and most of all, the message.  Music is a form of language, a type of communication, a spiritual force, an aesthetic or artistic expression, social ritual.The band is one of the many musicians who have come out calling on Kenyan’s to choose wisely the vote leaders they need.

Continuing with their second piece off their educative piece of spoken word dubbed ‘Think’, the group are back with another magical motivational spoken word. Going by the same name, the band have addressed the social and economical problems caused by poor politics in the country. The message is expressed lyrically in the poem rhyming word from word. It is a full spoken word piece that has seen them speak about the many promises made by politicians just to get surprised after 5 years of ‘not doing ANY work.’


H_art the band have tried to critically approach some behaviour of our politicians. in a statement they pose a question.

We have nothing against Politics as it is, But how comes it feels as if we are zero grazing as a Nation Same promises made 5 years ago are still the ones being made now


We need to be certain that, if your kid goes to school then the system ensures they don’t tamarc for so long or at all after that voting is everyone’s right and responsibility, no doubt but we would like everyone to understand that we can’t depend fully on our leaders to effect the change they promised – Sad Thought its true.  It’s up to us to be the change and to hold them responsible for their actions. Lets not be swayed by cheap politics. Think about your family, your kids and do the right thing .Whatever feels right to you be peaceful always.

Check out this piece of work and let us know what you think.