Introducing Omyk Kenya’s Freshest Rap ACT Who Is About To Change The Trend In Kenyan Rap Scene.

Tired of listening  to boring rappers who lack content in their music?  Worry less. I introduce to you  a fresh talent (staged as Omyk) who will enslave you from boring mainstream rappers.

Odhiambo Mike well know by his stage name as Omyk (pronounced as O Mike) is a Kenyan  up and coming rapper.  The young rapper like most of Kenyan rapers hails from the capital Nairobi. Mike describes himself as a versatile and lyrically  speaking rapper with strong lyrics.

Omyk was born and raised in Kayole, Nairobi. He  went to Nairobi school for high school and is currently studying   maths and computer science at Home Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and technology juja campus.
He has been writing since he was 16 but started recording his music early this year and the process has been amazing. He has two recorded track which are off his upcoming album due to on December titled ‘College Boy’

Mike draws his musical inspirations from life and the world.  He has been through both good and bad moments in his life and he tries to explain it through  his music. He believes  someone out there will in one way or another relate to his experience. That’s kind of connection  is what he yearns for. It’s the same thing that inspires him to create music. His music are mostly themed around depression,  frustration, love (just all the emotions going on inside a young youth).

My music is like a window into  Young youth feelings and state of mind.

He explained.

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Apart from all the big names in Kenya from Khaligraph Jones to Octopizzo and King Kaka, Omyk is longing to work with Phieso, Wangechi, Barak Jacuzzi and Scar from Wakadinali.  He believes a project with Nasty C will be tight.
Currently there is no local artist who really sparks creativity in his mind when he listen to them. Though he had to admit that King Kaka and Octopizzo used to inspire him before.

Upcoming Omyk Mix tape

His musical work is highly influenced by rappers like Travis Scott, Asap Rocky, Nasty C. His biggest inspiration comes from work of rapper like XXXtentacion,  animals,  Lil peep and many more.
Omyk is a versatile rapper, he can rap eloquently in English and swiftly shift into Swahili.  I think very few if any of the current rappers can do that.

Lyrically speaking I think rappers do not focus on having strong lyrics anymore, everyone wants a hit song, Everyone  is rapping about the same things . There is a big gap in terms of lyricism, everyone  rapper out there wants a hit song.