Steph Kapela – Got The Sauce | Who Got The Sauce? Prodigal African Proves To Be 1 Of Kenya’s Most Edgy & Diverse Rapper

After releasing numerous hit records (The Man, Ride or Die, By Faith), Steph Kapela is determined to prove how and why he is the best artist in the East African region at this time. S. Kapela has finally released his highly anticipated ‘Got The Sauce’ music video.

Steph Kapela’s “Got the sauce “is an enjoyable, respectable new offering    that works as a flex-bonanza for his vocals and the listeners emotion.

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Steph Kapela - Got The Sauce

A nice syncopated thudding beat anchors the track during the start. Naturally, there is a lesser sound during successive sections of the hook as it becomes gentle on the chorus. Steph Kapela’s vocals sound terrific – clear, exceptional ,catchy and well-grounded.

The running theme tells a story of a young lad so caught up in the quest of making it as an up-and-coming artist, such that, he has very little or no time at all for his other relationships .

The production by Atwal is lush, quite standard and simply fair -playing to the artists emo, laid-back strengths. This is a pro stunt as it suits Steph stylistically magnifying his his strengths .

The video was shot is 4 different locations and features a cameo from Bien (Sauti Sol) along with plenty of transitional elements to keep the viewer entertained at all times. Steph kapela shows us how and why he’s ‘Got The Sauce’ with every word he utters in this hit record and the instrumental complements his style perfectly. The video was shot and directed by Moses Osidiana of Brainworks and the song was produced by Atwal.

Steph Kapela - Got The Sauce


He’s paid just enough attention to music’s new ideas to come out with a song that looks forward while remaining true to what’s made him one of Kenya’s most edgy and diverse .

Over faux low drum bongs, bass thuds, and splotchy percussions :,”Got the Sauce” by Steph Kapela is a generally distinctly pleasant song .

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