TBT – OCTOPIZZO Slams Khali’s Toa Tint Mask Off Version With This Afro-electro Banger

Before i start on the review we all agree that it’s really hot on the Hip Hop scene in the country right now. For a minute forget about Octo and Khali feud, Something hot is cooking between King Kaka and Prezzo not the president ule wakuimba. Getting back to business Octopizzo earlier today dropped an Afro-electro banger titled TBT.

“TBT” which as we all know is the abbreviation for throwback Thursday, that one day in a week that we get to awaken and refresh memories that were captured from a while back and coincidentally the track was just unveiled on the same day.

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Starting with video, It was shot at Beverly Hills  city in California’s Los Angeles County. Home to many Hollywood stars, it features the upscale shopping street of Rodeo Drive. This just shows how far Octopizzo has taken the Kenyan music to the International standard without faking on accent just pure sheng. Top american rappers wh have shot videos in Rodeo include 2 Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Juicy J just to mention a few. Diamond’s Marry you featuring Top American RnB maestro Ne-yo was also shot on Rodeo.


The beat which comes in a Kapuka way, has just spiced up the song. Making the song danceable, thus the presence of the female dancers, something rare in most of Octopizzo songs.

Lyrically he killed it. He knew the song was going to be viral and he had to put that on the song

watch as it go viral, vct

surprisingly in less than a day the track TBT has just jumpshot to spot number 49 in iTunes Hip Hop songs.


He further goes on with this line giving his fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones does not forget to serve his brother Omollo as he calls him a few lines as he says

“I bring it back like a chorus, mwanaume ni akili punguza throrax”

He also assures you that in any way you will love this new track

Hii ata walee watu wa kahawa wata tii, na wale watu wachai washatii.

what he say’s here is that even if Octopizzo’s song aint your taste you must love this TBT

The video is amazing, lyrics are a double-check and the beats will make you go crazy. Trust me Khaligraph Jones will need some ‘self esteem’ talks from Octo. Like our facebook page CELEBVIBESTAR



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