Kyki Su – Barikiwa Music Review | If You Thought That The Femce Diss Is Over Not Unless You Listen To This.

Sandel Mahinda also known by her stage name as Kyki Su is young fast-rising Kenyan female rapper and hiphop artist taking the local music scene by storm.  Presenting his New year come back is her new single titled Barikiwa, a Swahili for be blessed. Generally in the track she talks about how much blessing she has received and how gracious God has been to her. One thing we should not forget here is that she is a Lyrical genius. The song got other deep message.

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kyki su

Kyki Su Barikiwa is the simplest and most straightforward effort yet. But it only takes a few scratches to realize there’s a lot to unpack here. I will help you down.

The soundtrack

One and half minutes to the song Kyki Su brings in a funeral like soundtrack accompanied by hymns. Forget about the biblical lyric on the screen. What come in your mind after listening to it? I take you back to Kuku Mwitu the Femi one response, the video for the song were shot on a cemetery with names of other females rappers on the graves. Don’t you think she is throwing some messages to these rappers too?

Image of Undertaker and footage of him performing Tombstone Piledrive.

kyki su
undertaker performing the piledrive move

The undertaker is associated with the dead, presence in the Video is a sign of death of other female rapper with the coming of Kyki Su into music. The name Pile drive is taken from a piece of construction equipment, also called a pile driver, that drives countless massive impacts on the top of a large major foundation support, burying it in the ground slowly with each impact.

Kyki su and Femi one Industry Nite Footage

kyki su

I hope you haven’t forgotten yet, Kyki took a mike off Kaka Empire’s femcee Femi One at the April edition of the industry when they stumbled upon the same stage. She is trying to let her fans know that she outshined Femi One that night, this is after the footage was never uploaded online. Few day after the event she posted on her Facebook regarding to the matter

guys should demand #industrynite #electricavenue show ya #Apriledition ikue uploaded mbona hawajaeka paka Leo ?????? hawataki mtoto wa ghetto ashine ama vipi???

On Barikiwa she keeps talking to Femi one with the line

When i teach learn your lesson, when i preach make your confession.

On the last verse some of the lines are openly directed to Noti flow. check out these lines

wacha kuwa superstar shika mike, achana na gun shika mic

Notiflow is a reality TV star, obvious she is acting as one. and about the gun check out this


Produced at Phoenix Records, the track is officially out with a lyrical video available below as we wait for the visuals to be released, hopefully.

Note all these are based on my thoughts and understanding of the song, it is thus not in any way related to the rapper

Listen and watch the lyrical video below and let us know what your thoughts are on this one, enjoy.



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