Tuchii smallz | Kilifi Fast Rising Rapper and Trap Artist.

Tuchii smallz | Kilifi Fast Rising Rapper and Trap Artist.

Josiah  Mwakai also known by his stage name as Tuchii Smallz is young fast-rising Kenyan  rapper and hiphop artist taking the local music scene by storm.

Being amongst the few rappers and trap artists revolutionizing the  hiphop and trap scene on the local music scene in Mombasa, and giving other established counterpart at the coast tough competition.

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tuchii smallz

Born in 1998 28 April, Tuchii Smallz is the second born in a family  of three. Started singing and rapping since he was 13 but officially I started this year 2017. Describing his journey he says

I  had to hustle by myself….  To get money for studio sessions, to do everything by myself.

As an artist he is so much inspired by another Hip hop artist from Mombasa with a house hold name Kaa La Moto and Rencia Kenya. As a hip hop artist he admires his punch lines and flows. The youngster who already has two tracks by his name Money roll being the first one and Dope shit is soon dropping his third single.

My music is all about  hustling in oder to make a living… Usingojee kupewa Just work hard. My dream is to make change and pass information into the society using music.. I look forward to work with all artists from coast, Kenya and Diamond Platinumz of  Tanzania.

You can download and listen to Tuchii Smallz music here



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