Mambo – Naomi Wamboe ft BwanaNgoma | Kenyan-American R&B & Pop Singer Reveals Stunning Visuals For Her Latest Project

Naomi Wamboe, the gorgeous girl featured in singer Jaguar’s hit song Kipepeo has revealed the visuals to her new song dubbed Mambo . The video which dropped yesterday on her YouTube channel will be officially launched on  Mseto east africa at club tribeka. Mambo recorded and mastered at Ulopa Ngoma(Side B entertainments) is Wamboe latest project featuring Bwana ngoma CEO Ulopa Ngoma(Side B entertainments).

Titled Mambo which is a swahili phrase that roughly translates to Hi or Hello is accompanied by stunning visuals by Dir Kevin Bosco Jnr of Headmasters Production.

Naomi Wamboe is a first generation Kenyan-American singer/songwriter. She is a renowned personality in the Kenya Music industry in Seattle, WA and other parts of the world. Naomi’s love for equality, her positive energy, and natural leadership abilities inspired her to become an ambassador for One Vibe Africa, a non-profit organization that empowers youth through music. She joined to help advocate for girls, and inspire young Kenyans in the diaspora to participate in programs similar to One Vibe’s.

During the infamous September 21st 2013 attacks at Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenyans around the world watched in horror as their fellow countrymen were killed and held hostage. Naomi Wamboe felt compelled to do something more; she wrote and released a single “Niaje” ft Owour Arunga to help ease the pain caused to the victims of the attack.

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Naomi was voted rising female artist in the Chaguo La Teeniez award show in Kenya. She competed on B.E.T.’s 106th and Park Wild Out Wednesday, taking first place the first time, and second place the next with Kanja the Afrikan King. Naomi was also instrumental in the creation of the Madaraka song, which is a collaborative project of various artists in Seattle that supports One Vibe’s work.

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