Queen Mwangi | Get To Know Kenyan’s First-Rising Screen Actress Face Of Almasi & Nira TV Series

Queen Mwangi is a first-rising screen actress and award-winning actress(Mombasa Got Talent) from Mombasa. She has featured in Almasi premier and Sumu both aired on K24 Tv.  On ‘Almasi,’ she played two characters, Lina and Nina two twins separated at birth who come to meet later in life as young women who end up falling in love with the same man. .

On ‘Sumu,’ Queen Mwangi plays as Fiona. She also played the main role of Maria in Nira a show that aired on maisha magic east.  Yesterday we had a privilege to host her in our sunday question and answers session our Instagram page @CELEBVIBESTAR  here are some of her responses.


what’s your birth name?

QM: Queeny Wambui Mwangi

where in Kenya were u born?

QM: Born and bred in Mombasa mwembe tayari

Who is Queen Wamboi?

QM: Queen is an actress and a Public Relations practitioner by profession…. Personally am very quiet and laid back, l consider myself chilled my wild side comes out on set in front of the cameras….

Describe yourself in 3 words?

QM: versatile, opinionated and beautiful 😂queen mwangi

what defines you?

QM: what defines me is first God and what the Bible aims to define me by, secondly l think would be my work it just brings out a whole new edge in my life.

Queen Mwangi “Am Versatile, Opinionated & Beautiful

what are some fo the characters that you’ve played?

QM: my characters.Lemme start off by saying that I have been very fortunate that all the 3 TV series. I have played main characters in all of them to mean that the story of the film revolved around me and the other main characters. In almasi K24 I played Nina /Lina who were twin sisters. In Sumu that aired on  K24 I played Fiona and in Nira I played Maria.queen mwangi

what’s your take on the film industry in Kenya?

l think the fair assessment of the industry at the moment is that it’s struggling. I say this because as much as we have more TV slots for Kenyan content we are yet to see that reflect on more employment opportunities for actors and better pay.

Are there any challenges you’ve faced in the industry?

Challenges are there whatever the industry you are in. My biggest challenge has been hustling for more screen opportunities and of course better pay.

what your dream goal as far as acting is concerned?

Going international, doing films from Nigeria to Hollywood back to Kenya and South Africa. I don’t just aspire to be a Kenyan actress but an internationally recognized one.

Would you play a major scene in a top international film that will have you shoot naked in some scene. Mark you the exposure is on a box office platform alongside Top International actors?

yes!!! I would without a doubt

What advice would you give to other up-and-coming actors?
Do not despise humble beginnings. Strive to excel and do not lower your standards when it comes to acting. Set particular standards for yourself and work on raising them, do not lower them.



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