GIN IDEAL – KUNA KITU | Sutry Toto La Serikali Is Back With Yet An Impressive Love Song

Sultry recording and performing songstress Gin Ideal makes yet another impressive return as she blesses our screens with yet another hit. After 120 days off GrandPa Government Is Back With a Bang. We all need to tighten our seat Belts And Get Rede for Toto La Serikali’Gin Ideal’ Brand New video’Kuna Kitu

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Roughly translated to there’s something, “Kuna Kitu” is a love song that Toto la Serikali as she is also known uses to let this guys she is falling for know what she feels whenever he is around.

The video shot in the Coastal area with scene from Nyali Brigde, Mtwapa creek, and on the streets of old town blends quite well with the songs style and Swahili language were directed by Superstar 1844.

Enjoy this stunning video from the Government








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