Gabu – No Spine | Talking About Quality Video And International Standard Gabu Delivers

Well first off all i would like to congratulate Gabu for this one, It’s just dope, another level you will agree with me after watching the video. The song titled No Spine is way dope than their Wabe remix, this is a major key. No Spine which in English is An idiom for the lack of courage, to act cowardly. In the music i really do not know what he tried to mean( you can try figure it out and let us know on the comment box) but something similar to the idiom.


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The CelebrityMerchandise Limited CEO has evolved from that simple Gabu when he was starting music way back in Paulina. After deciding to focus on solo projects, he has been able to be more aggressive. He has managed to do quite a number of regional collabo featuring Amarula Zambia’s Roberto. We should also expect more since t2017  is just about to hit mid year where we all expect goodies everywhere.

Parental guidance is highly recommended for children under the age of 16. The music video feature ladies throwing their ass up and around. The track is that one which will never let you stand in the club. Shot in a night club though can not tell if it’s around Nairobi but from the looks it must be a thing club. The colour grading of the video is also on point. The video sums up for the highest percentage in when you think of rating the video.

watch the video below and let us know if he nailed it well. Read comment and share.




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